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Sherri D

I have to admit, I was completely green about the process of purchasing a home as this was my first. I also did not know much about Sam’s abilities as a real estate agent when I decided to work with him. Now, I have to say that I am very educated on the subject and I am 110% happy I chose to work with Sam.

Sam ended up being so more than a “real estate agent”. He was a coach, a negotiator, a friend, a teacher, at times a therapist and a total guru during this process. He not only knew the market, the process, the expectations and the ins and outs of the business but he always had our back and got us the best deal, gave us the best advice and helped us through what was a very difficult and emotional process in today’s market.

When we began looking, Sam warned us that it was a seller’s market. He said we should expect between 5-10 other parties bidding on every home and he said we should be patient and anticipate a longer than normal wait to find our dream home in this market. He wanted us to hold out until we found our “dream home”. Sam worked with us for weeks and literally showed us over 50 homes in 3 weeks. Then one afternoon, we found the one. When we did, we told him to get that home for us and that is exactly what he did!

We were up against 5 other families for this great house and we were not even the highest bidders. After we began escrow, we learned that the sellers chose us largely due to the way that Sam worked with the other agent and the sellers. They also loved how professionally he presented his bids and how quickly he turned things around. Today we are living in our dream home and we are so happy.

I highly recommend Sam to anyone that is looking to buy or sell a home. He is far more knowledgeable than I could have imagined and he was the primary reason we are in a home today that we will raise our baby girl in and love for the next 30 years or more! Thank you Sam!

— Sherri D., Homebuyer